Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let There Be Snowmen!

Boise was covered in a blanket of snow last night.  The snow is usually quite dry (so dry and light that I can sweep my steps and sidewalk, no shovel necessary).  But last night’s snow was really wet … perfect for snowmen. 
And for the close-up on this disco hat snowman …

                                                    Boise loves winter sports!
 This poor guy’s carrot nose fell off as the snow started to melt.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

A Wonderful Christmas Day was made complete by the following five things:
(1.) A Beautiful Tree

(2.) Christmas Bread Ring for Breakfast
(3.) Our Crazy Cat
Brutus attacks paper bags with such ENTHUSIASM!
He’s spotted his prey … (i.e.: the bag)
One quick look to check that the bag is indeed too small for him to fit into …
He just loves to try and fit into the tiny spaces.
(4.) A Walk in the Great Outdoors.

Notice the moon in the upper left of the beautiful blue sky!

We walked up this hill …
And will continue up this way.

Spectacular day here in Boise!
(5.) The Finale is Another Great Meal!
  P1020439   P1020443
We thought of all our family and friends today. 
Thank you for thinking of us.
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Little Corner of Boise

Floor Layout 

My back is to the Front Door, looking at the living room, through the doorway you can see our bedroom. (Can you find Brutus?) 

Bathroom and Bedroom 

The Hallway – Brutus loves to lay on that rug while he waits for us to get up and give him LOVE! (He is in desperate need of affection after all those long night hours of loneliness!)
   The coolest green stove EVER! And it even works.

My sink is always full of dishes … the never ending pile when there isn’t a dishwasher! 

Door to the basement

P1020337 P1020338 Pipes to hang clothes on.  Mark loves to have a spot to dry our clothes rather than all over the living room like our last place.
Side door (which we don’t use) and our mini fridge.  Our regular fridge is downstairs, because our kitchen is too small for it.  I’m getting good exercise going up and down. 

View from the kitchen into dining room

Dining Room Table.  Notice the box in the bottom left corner, Brutus loves to play in boxes.

BIG Christmas tree
small Christmas tree

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!