Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recap of the 6th Month

Rocco loves to wash his face with a wash cloth - Correction – Rocco loves to chew on a washcloth and inadvertently it washes his face. Bonus!

6.5 months 0606.5 months 0616.5 months 0626.5 months 0636.5 months 0646.5 months 065

Lots of time on the floor, working out those muscles, not crawling yet, but soon.  Oh, yes, and there is plenty of drool, notice the two front teeth on the bottom.

6.5 months 066

Such a fun guy to play with, other than his iron grip that holds tight, to hair, chin, nose, and anything else he can hold on to. 

6.5 months 077

Can’t believe he is almost 7-months-young on Tuesday.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It’s Eat Time

Rocco’s started exploring the beauty of food.

He wanted to make sure I told y’all that he loves it!

J Art 001J Art 002J Art 003

Can you believe he is 6 months old!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

6yrs and 5months

Mark and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary this month.


4 months 090

Rocco is now 5 months and counting …

4 months 172

* He has cut both bottom front teeth.

* He can sit up on his own

4 months 188

Check out the focus on his face!

* This little guy is impressively strong and works-out all of the time.

     4 months 064

4 months 070

*He’s enjoying the fruits of summer and sucking on the remnants of corn cobs.

4 months 033

* He loves to watch the activities in the kitchen from his Bumbo seat.  The fruit tower is the perfect accessory to the Bumbo seat – toys are easily hooked on and Rocco is fully entertained.

4 months 144

4 months 147

4 months 148

4 months 151

4 months 153

He loves to watch and watch and watch. 

We are learning how to be a family, learning how to extend grace, and really enjoying this little man named Rocco.

4 months 122

4 months 134

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hey guys..I  just made a compilation of some video we've shot over the last months.  enjoy:

A Rocco Compilation

Click here:

Monday, September 5, 2011

So Many, So Much Love

This little guy has lots of love in his world.

Aunt Milla and Uncle Jeff


Uncle Scott who was ever so kind as to get down on the ground and show him how to rollover.

I’m happy to report that Rocco is now rolling over and over and over …


Cousin Michaela who spent an entire weekend making sure all of Rocco’s toys worked.  He LOVED watching her.


Aunt Brook (Michaela’s Mommy and pregnant with baby #2), Auntie El, Aunt Landra (who is also pregnant). 

Yeah for more babies and more cousins for Rocco.


JoPa who we like to call the King Size Bed.  Rocco loves to fall asleep on him.



How sweet it is to watch Rocco be loved on by so many.

At Play






AKA: Drool-y Boy


And the teething has begun …

Oh, and the bubble blowing too.


Drake Park




Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bumbo inauguration

Rocco has a "Bumbo" seat.   It's soft, plyable and contours to a small body that has trouble sitting up by itself.
This is his only his second time in it.. We think it could be a winner.
Right now he's watching Janae play a competitive match of ping pong...  She of course is giving him big smiles between points.
We found that the Bumbo fits perfectly on top of a Keg of beer... coincidence?

Baby With a Side of Bacon

This past weekend Rocco and I made our way to Portland to visit family and enjoy some fantastic weather.
On Saturday we visited Lake Oswego’s Farmer’s Market, where Mark’s sister Milla and her husband Jeff have started selling their smoked bacon.  We followed our noses and found their booth.
P1050621 P1050622 P1050623
I enjoyed a “Poca Bocca” (Italian for “small mouth”) – a yummy bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. 
I promise I didn’t put his hands like this – he just knows a good thing when he sees (and smells) it!
We enjoyed milling around the market and were completely distracted by all of the bright, beautiful flowers.
Oh yes, and the French pastries …
and coffee …
and Rocco’s cuteness …
and taking photos to document this wonderful day with those you love …  
P1050651 P1050645
Yeah for babies and bacon -- farmer’s markets and family!