Sunday, July 5, 2009

Capturing Monet

Driving up to Goldendale WA …
 … To bring Dad a Blizzard, for his birthday, because he was working a 24 hour shift on his birthday …

Cappuccino Heath Blizzard – rave reviews!!

… I took a number of photos while Mark drove (about 60 mph).  The speed created a beautiful Monet style in the foreground of the photos, with a clear precise background.  I love the contrast.
P1010326 P1010327 P1010328 P1010329 P1010336 P1010337

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So Hyeong – my wonderful friend that I met early on.  She answered so many questions for me about Korean culture, what my mail says, and other equally important information. 
The three in the back are the lovely ladies who always served us great coffee at Angel-in-us. So sweet!
The two girls in the front are sisters that I spent time with.  Alice and Olivia were all things wonderful!!
Mi Kyoung – the owner of Angel-in-us (and the mother of Alice and Olivia).  She became a good friend of ours.  She was so generous and thoughtful to Marcus and I.  As a going away gift she gave me a beautiful handmade fan. (see below)
Another great friend (who owned the other coffee shop we frequented - Drip Coffee) was Sophia. 
She was GENEROSITY incarnate. Such a fantastic person!