Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baby With a Side of Bacon

This past weekend Rocco and I made our way to Portland to visit family and enjoy some fantastic weather.
On Saturday we visited Lake Oswego’s Farmer’s Market, where Mark’s sister Milla and her husband Jeff have started selling their smoked bacon.  We followed our noses and found their booth.
P1050621 P1050622 P1050623
I enjoyed a “Poca Bocca” (Italian for “small mouth”) – a yummy bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. 
I promise I didn’t put his hands like this – he just knows a good thing when he sees (and smells) it!
We enjoyed milling around the market and were completely distracted by all of the bright, beautiful flowers.
Oh yes, and the French pastries …
and coffee …
and Rocco’s cuteness …
and taking photos to document this wonderful day with those you love …  
P1050651 P1050645
Yeah for babies and bacon -- farmer’s markets and family!

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  1. You--and Rocco, of course--ARE SO DANG CUTE!! I'm dying for some of his cuddles over here..........