Monday, September 5, 2011

So Many, So Much Love

This little guy has lots of love in his world.

Aunt Milla and Uncle Jeff


Uncle Scott who was ever so kind as to get down on the ground and show him how to rollover.

I’m happy to report that Rocco is now rolling over and over and over …


Cousin Michaela who spent an entire weekend making sure all of Rocco’s toys worked.  He LOVED watching her.


Aunt Brook (Michaela’s Mommy and pregnant with baby #2), Auntie El, Aunt Landra (who is also pregnant). 

Yeah for more babies and more cousins for Rocco.


JoPa who we like to call the King Size Bed.  Rocco loves to fall asleep on him.



How sweet it is to watch Rocco be loved on by so many.

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  1. Don't forget his Auntie Mary & Uncle Rick in Wales! By the way....HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! "He makes the path of life known to you. Complete joy is in His presence. Pleasures are by His side forever." Ps 16:11 Lovin' you.....