Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rocco’s First Outing

For the first 10 days of his life Rocco’s been wearing sleep sacks and lounging around like this.

Yesterday was his first trip out of the house and he wore his first outfit (Thanks Merzi!)

Where did you go, you ask?  Well … Starbucks of course.
We had treats to deliver -- yummy cinnamon rolls in celebration of Rocco.  (Thanks Mom!)
And of course all of my co-workers were DYING to get a glimpse of the little one they have been working alongside of all of these months.
After that we headed over to the birth center to deliver more cinnamon rolls and coffee.
At the entrance we located Rocco’s birth announcement on the chalk board celebrating each new life born at the birth center.
Upon returning home Rocco passed out in exhaustion.


  1. How much fun ..... to share the joy of your little one!
    Rocco looks so handsome in his "big boy" clothes.
    The cinnamon rolls look soo, soo yummy!

  2. oh my goodness ... so much love going around :)

    Looks like parenthood and life are treating you all well ~