Friday, June 10, 2011

All That He Wants

We found out very shortly after Rocco exited the womb that he needs time by himself.  Preferably on the ground by the sliding glass door.  Though starring at the dark basket by his changing mat seems to also engage him thoroughly. 

(Seriously, why did we buy any “baby items” when all he wants to do is look at baskets, boxes, light bulbs or out the window?  Anyway …)  

At fussy points throughout the day I’ll be holding him and attempting to create a happy baby, but to no avail -- wiggle, squirm, bursts of crying -- over and over.  I try this, I attempt that.  I stand, I walk, I sit.  I wonder if I should jiggle or bounce. (oh the genius needed to be a parent!)

Finally I lay him down on his mat in front of the sliding glass window with his binky. 




And he’s instantly quiet and content with arms and legs flailing happily to the beat of his own drum.

What does he look at you ask?


Well, it probably looks more like this to him.


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