Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rocco on the Road

There haven’t been many posts of late.  Rocco has been crossing the country and clocking many hours in his car seat – making him difficult to catch up with.

First Rocco headed to Central Oregon.
Next he flew to Memphis to meet up with family and to celebrate the marriage of his Uncle Brett. 

Don’t worry, we only asked that he take care of the smaller bags.  (And yes, he did bring his parents along.)
And speaking of parents, how are they working out for Rocco? 
Well … he mentioned they have to be watched carefully.
But they make a great pillow.
Back to all the jet-setting and car seat riding.  How did Rocco pass his time? Perhaps he watched a movie or read a book?  Nope, he had something even better …
The Binky
(Which appears to be kind of like crack for babies.)
He would like it mentioned that he did ask at the airport yesterday …
“Are we done traveling yet?”


  1. What a trooper ..... traveling can be a challenge but looks as if he was able to go with the flow!

  2. Well written - not only do we get updated, but entertained as well! :o)