Thursday, June 18, 2009

Buddhist Temple

There are numerous temples in this country.  Mark and I visited one last weekend.  It is located in a park in the middle of Gwangju.  It was built in the 70s for the military. 

We were able to sit in on a ‘service’ of sorts.  Simple chanting of the Buddhist text, lead by a monk.  It was beautiful, peaceful, loving, and meditative.  Quite a refreshing experience for both of us in the middle of this crazy, busy city.


This structure houses 4 large statues

P1000945 P1000950

Beautiful decorative sides and eves.


The ceiling

  P1000941P1000940   P1000937 P1000938P1000943P1000944

Each statue has a man under foot – dominating and suppressing the enemy. 



A bell tower



The largest bell in the Gwangju area

 P1000946 P1000949 P1000957 P1000958 P1000959 P1000960 P1000961 P1000962 P1000963 P1000964 P1000965

The following photos were taken inside of the temple.


Decorative lanterns covered the ceiling, a paper hung down from each one.  The floor is wood and shoes are left at the door.  Floor cushions are available to sit on.  The rectangular building has an alter all along the wall opposite the entry. Three Buddha sit in front of murals.  Candles, incense, platters of fruit and rice and other food items are placed along the alter.  A monk is in the middle of the photo above, he was preparing to preside over the service.  The two women in the middle right were preparing a second (smaller) alter for the service.

P1000967 P1000971P1000968 P1000970

Apples, tomatoes, bananas, watermelon, rice cakes, pears, grapes, and more that I could not identify were placed on this alter. 


The big picture you see on the far left is the former president who just took his own life.  I am uncertain who the other pictures are. 

We heard two different chanting services – it was a fascinating and beautiful experience.

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