Monday, June 8, 2009

Downtown on a Saturday

Two girlfriends on the bus. They were dressed almost identical, which is a very popular among young people.
P1000747 P1000749
This text is a perfect example of how they use English as a marketing tool, and therefore, are not concerned with spelling, grammar, or sentence structure.  Also, this sign clues you in as to what Koreans want to be associated with:

There’s me, enjoying my Americano.
Mark and I found this great spot to watch people.  We were able to capture them “in the wild”.  Enjoy.
Food vendor driving his cart to new location.

P1000759  P1000765
Right picture: notice the hair accessory on the girl on the left.  The women over here really love them: bows, ribbons, flowers, sparkles, puppies, kittens, butterflies, hearts, bright colors and feminine or cute patterns.
Notice the matching again.
 P1000781  P1000789
Right picture: how cute is that little girl!
 P1000790 P1000792
 P1000793 P1000795
Baseball caps and Converse are BIG over here.

Women shade themselves with umbrellas, and to match, even better!

She stopped to stare at us, staring at her.  Very cute!!
  P1000812   P1000815 P1000816 P1000818 P1000820 P1000821 P1000822
Polo shirts are a favorite for ladies and men.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying their time downtown!

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