Monday, June 15, 2009

Green Tea Plantation

We visited Korea’s largest green tea plantation this weekend.  It is located on one of the many hillsides in this country, about 1hr (on curvy roads) south of Gwangju.  It was a cloudy day – though not raining.  It was such a beautiful place to wander through.  We were able to see the tea being harvested, which was fascinating.  Also, we checked out a grove of bamboo (I just learned they are in the grass family and are not trees) located on the plantations – spectacular.


Beautiful tree-lined walkways to the green tea gardens.

P1000875 P1000876 P1000877

Climbing, climbing … up the hillside.

P1000878 P1000879 P1000880 P1000881 P1000884 P1000885 P1000887 P1000890 P1000891

Notice the grave site in the middle of the rows of tea.

P1000892 P1000893

So, very, very Korean to take a photo where you are supposed to take a photo.  So, of course we took a photo. :o)

P1000896 P1000897 P1000901 P1000902 P1000903 P1000904

Such beautiful bark on the trees.


Transportation up the hillside for the workers and the bags of tea they are harvesting.


These ladies are ‘mowing’ the hedges of green tea.  It shoots the leaves into the bag that is attached.

P1000907 P1000908

You can see the leaves in the window of the bag.


At the end of the row they have to flip the machine around and start down the next one.


A freshly shaven green tea plant.


These stairs lead to the top of the hill.


P1000914 P1000915 P1000919

It takes a lot of workers for one mower.  Only 2 are actually holding the handles (one on each side of the row).  The rest are handling the bags of leaves.


Green Tea anyone?


On to the bamboo.

P1000921 P1000923

So beautiful.


So peaceful.


So tall.


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