Saturday, June 13, 2009

Looking UP

As I walk around, I like to look up and enjoy the underside of the tree canopies.  There are such beautiful colors, patterns, and shapes – with contrasting shadow and light.

P1000723 P1000674 P1000675 P1000676 P1000677 P1000678 P1000679 P1000684 P1000685 P1000686 P1000687 P1000690 P1000691 P1000692 P1000693 P1000694 P1000695 P1000696 P1000697 P1000698 P1000699 P1000700 P1000708 P1000709 P1000710 P1000711 P1000712 P1000718  P1000720 P1000721P1000719

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