Saturday, June 27, 2009

Last Day of School

P1010003  Hey all,  Here are some pictures of me and the students on my last day of school.  I miss them a lot now that I’ve gotten some space from everything Korea.  These kids were one of the biggest highlights of my experience.

P1000982  These girls with the phone are 2 of 3 triplets at the school.  and very sweet

P1000983 P1000984

This is Grace… probably my biggest fan. (10 years old)
P1000985  P1000987 P1000988 P1000989   P1000992 Rachael, above with the pink headband, started bawling as I was saying goodbye to her class.. I almost lost it.

P1000994 P1000996 P1000997 Oh, sweet Chaos.  This class is made up of 9-10 year olds… They have enough English to ask you what you did this weekend… but not enough to understand your answer.

P1000998 P1000999 P1010001


P1010004  P1010006 P1010009 Stella, in the pink.  Her looks are matched by an adorable voice and an entertaining use of the English language
P1010010 P1010012 Sylvia in the white shirt-blue pants, would come up to me regularly with cell phone in hand and take my picture while looking very seriously all the while.  

P1010013 P1010014   

The few kids that were “difficult” for me to maintain respect from during school,  are the very ones that are emailing me now that I’m gone, and saying things like “I love you and I miss you”.  I’m amazed and touched.

P1010018 P1010021 P1010022  Little Cindy is giving us the peace sign here.  She is several years younger than most of her classmates.  Her English is great and she’s fun to have as a student.

P1010048 These girls are about 11.  They are just old enough to be quite embarrassed about this picture.

P1010024 P1010025 P1010026 P1010029

P1010030   P1010033 P1010034  P1010036 

Here are Mason and Jay.  They are both 13.  I could converse with them at normal speed and about adult concepts… They were a breath of fresh air after my first 4 hours with little kids every day.

Their classmates below are Faith and Jasmine.  We 5 studied things like the sinking of the Titanic,  Amelia Airheart, and the T-Rex.

P1010038 P1010039    P1010043  P1010045 P1010046 P1010047

Really great kids.  Probably a teachers dream.  They made the 4 months possible.  Thank you.  Marcus

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