Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cardboard Recycling with Pops & Mama Part 2

Last month I talked about the ‘recycling center’ that is next door to my apartment. See

Yesterday, their huge pile of cardboard was picked up. I captured a number of photos to show how this is done … and done rather quickly, I might add.

PICT2064 Huge pile + Huge claw = Quick Pick-up

PICT2065 The truck is backed in anchored down.

PICT2066 The pile vanished in like 10 minutes (I’m making that number up, I just know it was faster than I expected).

PICT2067 Pops is overseeing the pick-up.

PICT2068 Almost done.PICT2069

PICT2070The truck bed is FULL.

Job well-done.

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