Wednesday, April 8, 2009

‘Relaxing’ Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday, Mark and I thought we would treat ourselves to a massage.  When we showed up, the picture outside promised relaxation, tranquility, and rejuvenation.


We had to go one at a time, so Mark went first.  I went and ate lunch and returned in excitement for my massage.  Shortly before she finished, I was invited into the room where Mark was.  This was a bit odd, but well, whatever … I followed her in.  Mark had these glass cups on his body and I thought, ‘hmm, that’s strange, I wonder what the pink bubble inside the cup is?”.  Well, come to find out, shortly thereafter, the pink bubble was Mark’s SKIN!  Mark and I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what was going on.  We found out later, after researching on the internet, that she was practicing a Chinese style of massage, that “creates suction and negative pressure on your body – bringing blood flow to your skin, drains toxins, etc.”

Check it out at this website:

On top of this cupping technique, this woman was brutal.  Mark said he felt like he had been in a fight, and lost!  Just while I was in the room she had gotten onto the massage table and ‘stretched’ his legs using her whole body. At the time I thought, “well, it is the end of the massage, maybe she has been limbering him up throughout and his body can handle that forceful stretching.”  Boy, was I SO WRONG.  Mark had endured this hour-long massage out of sheer determination not to yell “UNCLE”!  To say the least, I LITERALLY ran out of there after Mark was done, there was NO WAY I was going to get a massage.

The cupping method does draw your blood to the surface … and Mark has MANY bruises to prove it.  Below is a picture you will NOT find on the website above.  I freaked out when I saw all of the bruises, so please consider yourself warned that what you are about to see is NOT a pretty sight.

PICT2060  The ones on his stomach are not so bad, but wait for his back.

PICT2061 Isn’t that OUTRAGEOUS! 

PICT2063Poor Mark.

So, now you know the story of our ‘Relaxing’ Sunday Afternoon.


  1. I cannot believe it...this is for real?!?!....horrors!!! Don't sign me up!

  2. Mark, you know I love you brother, and I care about what happens to you....but, I couldn't help tears, of course, were sad ones...mostly...kind of. [I'm picturing this as Chapter six in your book, the chapter entitled POKE A DOTS!]

  3. YIKES!!!! Run away next time (if you happen to have a weak moment and consider this "massage" again)!

  4. Look like giant hickies!

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  6. My mouth is still hanging open! Holy cow, that should be illegal. Mark, my love to you and your bruises - Janae, glad you took off, good show!