Tuesday, April 14, 2009


When it is time to move, Koreans employ a moving service. 

A moving truck arrives:


Items are loaded in and strapped down.  The movers transport your items and unload.  Now comes the interesting part.  Rather than moving your furniture through the elevator or staircase, they lift it from the outside and put it through the window.



This truck is anchored down and a platform goes up the ‘arm’ to transport the house wares.

PICT2122 Open window


The platform goes up the ‘arm’ and a person is waiting at the top to unload.

PICT2128 Quite the set-up.

Mark and I have seen this same style of moving at the high-rise apartment buildings.  The ‘arms’ and platforms travel up as high as 30 stories (or more!).  It is quite a sight to see. 

Talk about a quick move, and no congestion in the elevators.

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