Monday, April 6, 2009

New Businesses

In Korea, when a new store, restaurant, or business of any kind opens up, friends send flowers. 

I’m not just talking about a nice bouquet, I’m talking gorgeous potted plants, huge displays (like what you would see at a funeral), and fancy flower arrangements.  They are initially placed outside on the sidewalk to help announce the new shop.  But, many of the potted plants have the added bonus of adorning the inside once the grand opening is done.

PICT2026My picture does not do the size of this justice.  It is like 6 feet tall! The left side of the ribbon says the giver’s name and the right side says ‘Congratulations!’  This is the customary ribbon layout on all plants.

PICT2018 PICT2019


There is a new coffee shop open just 3 blocks from our apartment.  (Did someone clue them in that we caffeine-addicted Americans were moving in?)  PICT2027This places makes the BEST Americano that we have had in South Korea.  The owner is Sophia and she does everything with such precision and care.  The way she makes coffee would make even my dad (The Coffee King) proud. 

 PICT2015 The Americano is served with heavy whipping cream (the first coffee shop to have cream! … we were excited), a bowl of sugar, and a cup of water. The oatmeal raisin cookies are YUM.




  1. I'm glad you and Mark are getting a little taste of home. Hope you are both well.

  2. What a beautiful coffee shop!!! And it's even closer!!

  3. Unbelievable!! Handdrip, yet another excellent use of the English language, too fun. Sounds like a wonderful place, thanks for posting so many pictures - I love seeing it all!

  4. I am so glad for all the provision God is making for you there. We are preparing for the Passover, and remembering when you shared it with us.....