Monday, April 13, 2009

Love (In Korean) is Spelled G-I-F-T

Mark and I found out rather quickly how important giving and receiving gifts are in this culture. 

Mark gets lots of treats from the kids at school.  They are always giving and receiving from their friends. 

PICT2028 Candy

PICT2031 Small pictures (this is a wrapper from ?)

PICT2030 Stickers

Food is one of the main gifts given.  Mark and I received Kim chi when we moved into our apartment from Vicky (Mark’s boss).  This was a treat … when I run out, I guess I’ll have to buy it!  We’ve also received:

PICT2035 Top: Soy Bean Paste (used in soups) Middle & Bottom: Kim chi.  The middle one is newer, you can tell because the red color is ‘brighter’.  As Kim chi ages it gets “tangier” – it is said around here that men prefer fresh Kim chi (spicy, slight tang) and women prefer old Kim chi (spicy, tangy).  Mark and I both prefer fresh Kim chi, though old Kim chi is best for soup.  Kim chi, Kim chi, Kim chi …  This is probably THE KOREAN GIFT.

PICT2037 Anchovies.  I so appreciated this gift, because now I know what ones to buy after I run out.  This are used to make soup broths.

PICT2043 A pot of soup: Tan Jang Guk (sounds like - Tahn Jahng Gook)

Ingredients: Anchovies (boil 5 min and remove) soy bean paste, potatoes, white onion, garlic, green chili peppers, mushrooms, and green onion.  It is optional to add tofu.  This is a delicious soup!

PICT2046 Flowers. They have really brightened up our living room. 

PICT2113 Chocolate cake.

Mark and I have been loved by so many people. 

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