Wednesday, April 8, 2009

King of Korean Pop

We posted last month about a Korean musical group called Girls Generation.  As you know the kids at Mark’s school went CRAZY when he mentioned the name, and when he sang a few lines it was THE COOLEST THING EVER! 

Another Pop Sensation is called Big Bang.  They are Korea’s BOY BAND – they are loved by all.  The kids at Mark’s school always want to know if he likes what they like (Korean food, Korean TV Dramas, Korean Pop Music, etc).  Mark told them he would find a song by Big Bang and sing (part of it) for them.  They are VERY excited, to say the least.

Last night Mark and I looked through many different songs that Big Bang performs, trying to find one that Mark could figure-out the Korean lyrics to, learn the tune, and, ultimately, impress the kids.  :o)

The song Mark choose was “Haru Haru (Day by Day)”

Here are the lyrics Mark pulled from the chorus and learned last night:

Geureokjeoreok chamabolmanhae
Geureokjeoreok gyeondyeonaelmanhae
Neon geureolsurok haengbokhaeyadwae
Haru haru

Here are pictures of Mark practicing last night:PICT2081

PICT2082 PICT2083

He did a great job … I swooned with ‘POP MUSIC FEVER’!

If you care to check out the music video by Big Bang here is your chance:

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  1. When I first saw the pix of Mark, I thought he was telling someone his message story, but after watching the YT video, I realize he was just building up to throwing a chair, punching a friend or one of those many other things that guy did. [By the way, that is SOME example of American influence; clothes, behavior, music...]