Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Funny Signs

We continue to run across signs that, whether specific to the Korean culture or lost in translation, are amusing to us.


How much would you pay for LIVE ITALIAN FOOD ?!  We’re not sure what they were going for, but my guess is they serve Italian food and they have live music.  But … who knows?


This is a sign for an auto repair shop not far from our apartment.  Don’t miss that the car is plugged into an IV, that the car doctor is wearing a martial arts headband, while listening to the car’s ‘heart’ and squirting liquid out of a syringe.  Perfect!


Pretty boys sell things around here almost as much as pretty girls do.  Male Koreans embrace the feminine influence more than the West does.  Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot of masculinity flaunted.  But, men carry ‘man purses’, show (some) affection in public to other males, and dress (more) feminine.  This ad is for cell phones.  Notice the proper ‘hair-dos’ and pastel colored suites.


Mark and I had to take a picture of this cute cartoon that has sustained a head injury for the sake of warning the restaurant’s patrons.  Notice the English translation – definitely to the point.


The pizza chain (Mr. Pizza) is HEAVILY marketing to the female population in this country with the caption “Love for women” plastered on every menu, sign, and pamphlet found in the establishment. 

Korean women are VERY concerned with their weight (even though 96% are thin) and Mr. Pizza is marketing like crazy to give Korean women permission to “go ahead and indulge, pizza LOVES women!”


Raw meat.  There are pictures of raw meat EVERYWHERE in this country.  In America we prefer to see the final product that will be brought to our table, but in Korea the raw product is brought to your table and then you cook it yourself.  So, I guess it makes sense that the meat is not cooked on the sign, but still, I have never seen so many pictures of raw pork in my life!

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  1. You, girl, are a funny as these signs....and I mean that in my most meaningful, (I love the way God made you), kind of way. [But there's no pressure...O.K.? just on being you...funny or pressure. :)]