Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Excursion Day

My school takes trips every week to see, try, and experience new things.  Today we went to the subway station.  We learned about buying tickets, talked about getting on the subway (doors open, walk quickly, sit down, hold on …), then we actually rode the subway for 8 stops.  The kids had lots of fun.  We were quite the spectacle for unsuspecting passengers (there were about 100 (4, 5, and 6-year-old) kids in the same subway!)

Here are pictures I took on the bus, while we waited to depart.  They are fuzzy (kids moving), sun is streaming through the windows (lots of light spots), and I wasn’t the most ‘focused’ photographer … so picture quality isn’t the best, but what they capture (the TRUE chaos of 5-year-olds) is FANTASTIC!


PICT2131 PICT2133


PICT2136 PICT2137


Here are all the kids trooping down into the subway station.


Here is one of the classes I teach.

PICT2142 The organized version

PICT2141 The unorganized version

Riding on the subway:




So, Excursion Day is an opportunity for the students to learn about or experience new things. 

BUT I’ve been told that what the Korean mothers think their children are getting from the education is more important than what the child is actually getting … basically, we’re here to please the parents. 

Therefore, it is very important to get LOTS OF PICTURES of the kids ‘learning’, so that the parents can be satisfied.  And it is MOST IMPORTANT, to get pictures with the “English Teacher”. 

So, I am posed with every student at all the different key points.  The parents need to see that their child is interacting with a REAL “English Teacher”.

I’ve considered making a cardboard cut-out of myself so that we can maximize this process!  :o)


  1. It's great that the kids have such a 'cute' English teacher!! I'm sure they love you!

  2. Love this ... I know they loved their excursion just by looking at the pictures :)