Thursday, April 30, 2009

Teeny Tiny Trucks

There is a fleet of delivery trucks that I walk past almost every day.  They are located on a corner lot across from Angel-in-us Coffee. 


I am particularly fond of there smallest trucks. 



Also zipping throughout the city are these very cute pick-up trucks.  And yes, I do love them (in all their tiny-ness) as well!



You would lose any road battle in this rig, there is absolutely no buffer for the driver if they get hit.  Also, we think the engine must be (at least partially) under the bed.  There is just no room under the driver’s seat.


Check out how small it really is when you see me next to it!   


Daewoo is a huge corporation in Korea. 

They manufacture everything from cars and trucks, to house wares, to huge apartment complexes.  I learned recently that all of the main corporations in this country are still family run. I think this speak to the relatively recent global advancements this country has had, mixed with the pride of family.

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  1. You are one small gal, but it looks like you'd definitely have trouble with leg room in that small truck!