Sunday, April 19, 2009

Double Parking – No Problem!

Around Gwangju people park wherever and however they want.  They just pull over (and I use this term loosely) and throw on their emergency blinkers.  This is completely acceptable, because when everyone does it, it is normal.

This is one of our favorite examples of crazy parking.  And this one was a complete ‘engine-off-and-out-of-car-to-get-a-coffee’ parking job.

PICT1971We watched her just pull in (she didn’t even ATTEMPT to parallel park), turn off the car and she didn’t look back. :o)

Another parking phenomenon around here is all of the double and triple parking that occurs.  People park on sidewalks and then just stack up around each other.  Often the parking spills over into the street, intersections, crosswalks, whatever.


Now, how do they get their cars out when someone has blocked them in?  Not a problem, they just post their cell phone number in the car’s front windshield.  This is such a cell phone crazy country that it works.  Most every car has their number posted.

  PICT2159       PICT2160




Clever and Cute all at the same time!

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  1. Is there a competition for the cutest sign?