Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Often I feel very lost in this country.  South Korea is so steeped in a heritage and culture that has a history dating back thousands of years, and yet, they are always trying to bring in that Western edge. 

Other times, despite our differences, I feel that I fit into this country; because, I too am trying to become something new, while staying true to the old. 

In the Midst of our interesting, demanding, and exhausting life here, we find ourselves always taken care of in the most amazing ways.


Today, Mark and I went to Hand Drip Coffee Studio and as I was leaving Sophia, the owner, decides that I need some lettuce that she brought from her garden.  She starts bagging 3 different kinds.  Which leads her to tell me about the type of dressing to make for one of the lettuces.  And then she starts giving me some red chili powder for the dressing.  As she does this she decides I need some bean paste, to put on the 2nd lettuce (to make a lettuce wrap with rice and vegetables).  Then, she gives me 4 green chili peppers to dip in the bean paste as well.  Finally, she decides I need some clams so that I can make a soup.  In a matter minutes I am loaded down with supper practically ready to go. 

Does she have any idea how generous she is?  Does she know that my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude?  I try to say THANK YOU, but, (like a good Korean) it is brushed off. 

These people are so generous.  Mark and I read in Lonely Planet that once a Korean has taken you under his/her wing, don’t expect to pay for anything ever again.  I am truly finding this to be the case. 

In the Midst of this lonely, exciting, confusing, life-giving time – Mark and I are definitely being taken care of.



  1. That is amazing and beautiful. I love her for loving you -

  2. What a picture you paint...and a contrast or balance to "too easy stereotyping."