Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mark’s Favorite Lunch Spot

This little Korean ‘diner’ is only about 2 blocks from Little Fox English School.  Mark loves the food and the owner, and today I was able to join him for lunch. 
The name of this place is the much used, much loved word “Kim Pop”.  Names of restaurants often are directly referencing the food, and not trying to be creative.

Inside is quite small. There are 5 tables, which is more than some diners have.  A lot of the food purchased from this type of restaurant is taken to go, making a large seating area unnecessary. 

We ordered Pee Bem Pop – directly translated means: Mixed Rice.  This dish includes: rice, mushrooms, greens, carrots, bean sprouts, seaweed, zucchini, a spicy sauce, and an egg.  It is served in a heated stone bowl that cooks the egg and heats up all of the vegetables right in front of you.
You mix it yourself.  Gotta do it quick, otherwise the rice will stick to the bowl … it is VERY hot.
Mixing …
Time for lunch!

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  1. Am I just imagining it, or is Mark not looking just a little more slender of frame? If I'm right, he may need to find him a bigger lunch 'house.'