Sunday, May 3, 2009

Korean Jerky

You can get beef jerky around here, but the jerky of choice in Korea is squid jerky.  Yes, on the package below you see a friendly squid saluting you, the consumer, in assurance, that he is proud and happy to be filling your belly with dried, flavored, squid yumminess! 


I was introduced to this by another Westerner, actually.  (They’re turning us all slowly into Koreans! :o)  I found it pretty good, once I got past the introductory taste, though I must admit I like all things fishy. 

It is jerked (or is it called smoked?) and this one in particular had a seasoning, which I can’t explain.  It is shredded, which allows is to be pulled off in strips like string cheese.



I doubt it will ever be a big hit in America, but in this country it definitely has a home.

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