Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mini House

This morning Mark and I walked past this cute little wooden house, sitting on a truck bed, waiting for it’s new home. 

Now, you don’t see houses like this in Korea.  Everyone lives in apartment buildings, so it was an unusual site.  We saw the big crane parked next to it, which we knew was going to be putting this wooden house, in it’s new home.
This delivery and set-up drew a crowd, as it is not your every day sight.
We knew it would be awhile before they got started, so we kept moving.  But a few hours later, on our way home from coffee, we stopped to find where the small house had ended up. 
We looked, up up up …
That’s right, on the top of the apartment, in a rooftop patio.
It certainly seems too high end for a play house, but too small for a real house.  I suppose it will remain a mystery!

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  1. How you trip over these little vignettes of S. Korean life amazes me. Obviously, you keep your camera with you wherever you go. But I love HOW you see as much as how you click the shutter.