Thursday, May 7, 2009

White Skin

In Korea, white skin on women is beautiful. They want white skin like Americans crave tan skin.  Koreans naturally have a darker complexion.  In an effort to stay white, the women are very diligent about wearing hats, long sleeves, scarves over their hats to cover their necks, and they carry umbrellas while the sun is shining to provide protection.
Since being in Korea I have been introduced to skin whitening products.  This goes beyond foundations and powders.  It is soaps, lotions, serums, scrubs, and other products that promise to help whiten your skin.  I know there are also skin treatments available at dermatologists to help the process along.
Below is an ad I photographed from a fashion magazine.  It is promoting different clothing and accessories available for the female golfer.  Golf is a BIG sport in Korea, and there are plenty of fashionable products available to help protect the skin.

#1. Masks are very important.  They are worn mostly by women and children.  Not only are they for pollution purposes, but also to shield the face from UV rays.

#2. Innerwear is worn to prevent sun from tanning your skin.  But it also has to be as cool as possible, considering the temperatures and humidity this country enjoys during the summer months.

#3. Promising UV protection for the arms.
My, but don’t they promise a lot.  Whiten your skin and stay cool all during a round of golf.  I’m in … ;o)

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  1. Dying to know where your last sentence was going before!