Monday, May 4, 2009

Cell Phone Central

This country loves all things electronic.  Korea is, after all, home of the huge corporation Samsung.  There is no shortage of gadgets, gizmos, cameras, MP3s, and the most advanced and spectacularly clever cellular phones.

On every corner and in every corner of the city there are cell phones stores.  Now, I am not kidding when I say everywhere, because they truly are EVERYWHERE.  Mark and I were stumped as to who could possible patron these stores, considering everyone we see already has a cell phone.  We’ve since learned that the patrons are already customers who are seeking out the LATEST model. 

Keeping up with the latest in technology is a hobby for Koreans.  Their favorite pastime, after baseball (they LOVE baseball), might very well be techie toys. 

To prove how many stores in this country are cell phone specific, I present to you the following pictures and commentary. 

In another district of the city, called Song Mu, within two (small) city blocks, there are 5 cell phone stores, Of those 5, 2 are Show, 2 are T World, and 1 is LG.  I am talking about the same side of the street and everything!  It truly is mind-boggling!


Show was the first cell phone store, followed by another one about 100 yards away.




T World (SK Telecom) is a large cellular provider.  The second store is on the next block’s corner.  In the picture above notice the red archway.  This is a favorite form of marketing for many store fronts, hair salons, bars, and restaurants.  They are held up by air.  Similar to the lawn ornaments we see at Christmas time of Santa and Rudolph.




LG TeleCom is another cellular provider.  There was only 1 of these stores within the two blocks. 

Below you will see a ‘classic’ Korean display.  Banners, bright colors, stands full of cell phones, umbrellas, and signs, all spilling out onto the sidewalk. 


Mark and I are the FREAKS of Korea for not having cell phones.  I think we are the only people, other than babies, who don’t partake in this style of communication.  We get astounded and confused looks from EVERYONE when they ask for our phone numbers and we tell them, “Sorry, we don’t have one.”  Invariably, we get asked a second time because people can’t imagine we don’t have a cell phone, they think we just didn’t understand the question. :o) 

All of this is highly amusing to us.  We love the freedom of not having a cell phone.  We were glad to leave them behind in Oregon. 

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  1. To say the least, my cell phone is WAY quieter since your cell phone is not with you!! I'm sure it's good for both phones! Some days I don't even turn mine on!!