Friday, May 29, 2009

Korean Car Manufacturing

There are 5 car manufacturing companies in Korea:
Hyundai Motor Company
Kia Motor Company.  They have two different emblems.
GM Daewoo
SsangYong Motor Company
Renault Samsung Vehicles
Imported cars (favorites being: Audi, BMW, VW, Mercedes) are a statement reserved for the wealthy.  I see them often, but they still do stand out.
SUVs have become more popular in this country.  There are still far more cars than SUVs, and I’ve rarely seen a pickup truck. 
Apparently, around here you want to get rid of a car like this (see below) ASAP.  The bigger the car, the better symbol of status.
Sorry little guy … I’d drive you. :o)

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  1. Am I just reading too much into it, or does S. Korea very much put a premium on status/standing/appearances? With so much being so visible in the "confines" of a crowded city, certain realities just stand out, don't they? Tell me if I'm wrong...I can take it...