Sunday, May 31, 2009


Many sidewalks in Gwangju are built with bricks, rather than cement.  I believe this is (at least in part) because of the heavy rains.  The bricks allow the water to sink into the sidewalk, rather than running off and flooding the streets, stores, or people’s shoes. 

 However, the downside of this great plan is that the sidewalks shift, sink, or raise.  Making for a deathtrap of tripping if you aren’t watching your steps.

I must admit that invariably I get distracted and starting whistling and looking around and thinking, “what a beautiful day!”  You can guess what happens next,

I look around a little embarrassed, assess the damage (slight scuff on the shoe) and off I go again.  Focused on the sidewalk, until something catches my eye in the distance …

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