Thursday, May 28, 2009

View From the Bus

On the bus, the world passes by in a screeching, grinding, halting, stopping, speeding, lurching manner.  Might is Right around here and there is nothing bigger than the busses.  So, the busses rule the road and they take full advantage of their size to get from stop to stop as quickly as possible. 

The world outside of the bus is always busy, bright, on display, and on the move.

There are:

  • signs
  • banners
  • flags
  • posters
  • stores
  • restaurants
  • sidewalk markets
  • sidewalk food vendors 
  • people walking
  • people sitting
  • people selling things
  • people buying things
  • people watching people
  • people eating
  • people talking
  • people talking on their cell phones
  • people texting on their cell phones
  • trees
  • flowers
  • weeds
  • garbage 
  • apartment buildings
  • bus stops
  • traffic lights
  • cars
  • delivery trucks
  • bicycles
  • scooters
  • strollers
  • umbrellas

When I took these pictures I did not try for perfection.  Some of the pictures are blurry and others are clear.  A bumping, speeding bus can produce some interesting challenges for picture taking. 

Here is a look at the streets of Gwangju, through the window of a bus.

P1000538 P1000529 P1000530 P1000531 P1000532 P1000533 P1000534 P1000535 P1000536 P1000537

P1000593 P1000577 P1000578 P1000579 P1000581 P1000582 P1000583 P1000584 P1000585 P1000586 P1000587 P1000588 P1000589 P1000590 P1000591

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  1. Great Blog. Long, very aware list. Way much color...makes me know why I like to VISIT cities but return to GREEN.