Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Drape to Dry

There is limited ways for me to dry large ticket items in our shoebox apartment.  I can’t hang a clothes line (the walls won’t receive nails, being cement and all) and I don’t have any way to rig up a line outside the window.  But, necessity, being the mother of invention, I have (thankfully) found something that works …

P1000194The window is on the left (open to help with drying).  The top sheet goes over the washing machine and is tied up on one corner, while another part goes on the bottom part of the drying rack (not visible).  

P1000197 The sliding glass door, thankfully, opens either way.  Which allows me to extend the super-small kitchen/laundry room into the living room.  You can see how important this open doorway is to drape the sheets out as far as I can.

P1000196 To ‘fit’ the sheets on the available drying surfaces, sections of the sheets are bunched together.  So, I check for damp spots and rearrange them throughout the day.

P1000195 There is one nail hammered into the sliding door frame, which I secure one sheet over and string up a piece of twine to hold up a second corner.

P1000193The bottom sheet is held up on the nail (to allow air movement to get into the middle of the sheet that is held up by my drying rack.

All in all, not such a bad method, though I do have to start the wash in the morning, so that it has long enough to dry. 



  1. If you ever tho't your mother did strange (really amazing) things.....??

  2. I looked, I read, I got tired. My inner man said "Who needs sheets. Hang'um!!" I'm sending you guys a coupon for sleeping bags that only need washing every six years, or until they wear out, whichever comes first. Oh, ya....and they zip together....of course.