Saturday, May 23, 2009

What’s a Mama To Do?

Which way should you pack around your children?  There are so many options: backpacks, front packs, slings, strollers, and baby carriers.
Below is another option for carrying your child around.  This is a favorite with Koreans.  It is a wrap (of sorts) that puts the baby riding on the back, without any straps over the shoulders.

Mom’s hands are free to talk on the phone.  Notice the strap that is under the baby’s bum …
It is tied in the front to secure the baby.

This baby is old enough to have her arms out.  I’ve seen this same style of wrap with younger children.  The difference is that, only their heads are outside of the wrap.

I love this photo.  You’ve got grandma (red shirt), her daughter, and two granddaughters.  Family is such a big thing in this country.  You always see multiple generations together.

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