Sunday, May 24, 2009

Coffee Vending Machines

Located outside of most mini marts and many restaurants are coffee vending machines.  They sometimes have bottled items, but mostly it is instant coffee or tea.  Koreans really enjoy instant coffee. 
These vending machines are a gathering point for many taxi drivers during their breaks or guys after eating at a restaurant. 
The cup of coffee is quite small, no more than about 5 sips.  The cost reflects the size – about 300 won (30 cents).  The coffee is instant, not to my personal liking, and is always sweetened.  All instant coffee you buy in this country is sweetened. 
Restaurants do not serve dessert after meals, but they do often provide a coffee free-of-charge.  A sweet shot of caffeine to top off the meal.

As Maxwell House promises, “Good to the last drop.”

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