Monday, March 16, 2009

4 Things ALWAYS Out and About

The bustling city of Gwangju has lots of movement.  There are different ways to get from here to there …

Mini Cars: PICT1370These compact units are wonderful for navigating the crazy streets and for teeny, tiny parking spots … though I don’t think they win many battles on the road. :o)

Buses:PICT1361 This is the bus Mark takes to work everyday (go #1!).  He is in this picture … look closely.

Scooters: PICT1430 This shot is up-close so that you can appreciate the covers over the handles.  There is so much rain around here it is necessary to ensure safety on the roads.  They look a bit like glorified oven mitts, don’t you think!? 

High Heels: PICT1496 The ladies in this city LOVE (and I do mean LOVE) their heels.  They wear them everywhere and for all occasions.  They walk in them and make it look good!  I still am dedicated to my Dansko clogs (click on the link below to view my beauties!) but I do get high heel envy once in awhile!


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  1. I'm impressed at the great picture you got taken of that lady's heels...behind her back!!!