Friday, March 13, 2009

Botches, Buckets, & ‘Oh, Bother’

I am able to laugh about this today, though yesterday was a bit more challenging. 

As you know, the piping for the washing machine wasn’t allowing proper drainage, so the kitchen was getting flooded (yes, the washing machine is IN the kitchen).  The problem was ‘fixed’ yesterday with a technique I had not seen before.

  PICT1546 Before – Washing machine hose not shown.

  PICT1662 AfterThe pipe (bottom blob) that the washing machine hose (bottom left) drains into has been completely filled/covered with a type of ‘caulking’ – came out like hair mousse and then dried.  The ‘fix’ not only prevents water from coming up the pipe, but also has stopped my washing machine from draining!!!

Yesterday I put a load of wash in and the washing machine would not drain.  I tried EVERYTHING but to no avail.

   PICT1670 My FULL washing machine.

So, what did I have left to do but use my trusty bucket (as I mentioned in a previous post, I REALLY appreciated getting that free bucket from the owner) and bailed out my washing machine.

        PICT1669 Oh, lovely blue bucket. I might need to write you an ode.

After bailing out the water I then had to wring out all the clothing by hand.  I must say that I have A LOT of respect for the generations of woman before me that did this on a regular basis.  Also, if I had to do that on a regular basis, I would have only 10 articles of clothing TOTAL and wear things dirty … you might think I am kidding, but YOU try and wring out all of your laundry! :o)


  1. Jack, the dog, is wondering what's wrong with me as I'm rolling off my chair (with laughter!) I know it's NOT funny! But you are--- wonderful!!

  2. You ARE a wonderful ode, my life, I guess you'd say. I amen your mom...all of it.