Friday, March 6, 2009

Top 5 Things In Gwangju's Skyline

#5 Golf Driving Ranges: These big "cages" are seen all over the city. Golf is a HUGE sport in this country. Gwangju is a mecca for large corporations and we all know business and golf go hand in hand (should I say hand in club ... :o)
#4 Cranes: These huge machines are working hard every day to stay up with the rapid growth this city continues to experience. In this shot there are 4 cranes working on one project ... I am guessing an apartment complex.
#3 Hills: Gwangju is beautifully located amidst the hills of southwestern Korea. They are tree covered with pathways cutting through many of them leading to nature's peaceful retreats and Buddhist temples.
#2 Steeples: Christianity is the main religion in South Korea (approx. 25%). Walking through the city I see so many steeples (and thus churches). Unlike our American steeples, here they are often made out of metal like the one shown in the picture. #1 Apartment High Rise Complexes: Most people in Korea live in apartments. These residential buildings are what dominate the skyline ten-fold. Very few commercial buildings surpass the height of the residential buildings, and those that do are so small in number compared to everything else I mentioned in this top five list.

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  1. That's a great help to picturing your city, Janae.