Monday, March 2, 2009

House Jumping: Part 1

Vicky's apartment is right next to some beautiful hills. Gwangju has a lot of green space.

Here is the infamous 1st bed ...

When we arrived in Gwangju, we were met by Mark's new boss (Vicky) at the bus station. She is an energetic, friendly, ambitious, giving person who runs everywhere (literally -- ask Mark :o). We hauled our 8 bag (various sizes) on the last leg of our trip from Rufus, OR to Gwangju, S.Korea.

Vicky (Mark's boss) lives in a beautiful apartment building. All Koreans live in apartments because of the limited land combined with the large population. One other thing about Koreans, they often sleep on the ground. Well, much to our surprise that is where Mark and I slept for the next eight nights. It was quite a challenge, but now we have TRUE appreciation for what a blow-up mattress can offer (I was a bit of a snob before). Above is a picture of our bed and also (part of) Vicky's apartment building.

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