Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pungam Reservoir


Not far from our apartment there is a reservoir surrounded by tree-covered hills and filled with walking paths, trails, and lots of people.  This city is full of very active people.  All ages, male and female alike, can be seen strolling, walking, stretching, climbing hills, and power walking throughout the reservoirs (there is more than Pungam Reservoir), city sidewalks, and surrounding hills. 

I included a number of pictures I took as a walked around the reservoir.

   PICT1580 Entering the reservoir from ‘Little’ Pungam.  This is the name of the area I live in.  I don’t think ‘Little’ is in the official name, but around here it is used.

   PICT1582 The main path you see goes around the entire reservoir.

   PICT1586 High-rise apartment buildings - #1 sight in the skyline

   PICT1587 Oh, and look, it’s a golf practice range - #5

   PICT1590 Wow, who would have expected to see hills - #3

   PICT1591 Looking back to where I entered the reservoir.  ‘Big’ Pungam is the apartments you see on the left.  ‘Little’ Pungam is not visible, but it is to the right of the hill.

   PICT1588  There are trails off of the main walking path around the reservoir.

   PICT1585 Many steps are built into the trails to make walking easier.

   PICT1599 Looking back at the reservoir from the opposite side I entered.  We are looking at ‘Little’ Pungam from across the water.

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