Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Delight of Korea

Mark and I have fallen in love with the bright spirit and spunkiness of the young female upstarts in this country.  They are eager for life, vivacious, sweet, silly, opened faced … so genuine.  They have stolen our hearts!!

On Saturday we were heading downtown.  At the bus stop a group of 6 girls were waiting as well.  I smiled in there direction and they said a hesitant (but excited to be speaking English) hello.  I took a few steps towards them to see if we could talk to them a bit more (being as how I just learned the words for cute and very cute I felt confident!)  They instantly huddled around Mark and I and started firing questions at us. We jumped right in and started saying the few Korean words we knew … which they LOVED.  They corrected us, affirmed us, and ALL of us enjoyed the general merriment. 

We all got on the same bus and when we arrived downtown we talked with them a bit more.  Then Mark pulled out the camera and we captured this spirited picture.


Mark and I saw them two more times throughout the day, as we were all enjoying the food, shopping, and the general hustle-and-bustle energy of downtown.  Each time they said “HELLO” with big smiles, high energy, and all around genuine excitement for life.

Mark and I agreed that they were the highlight of our day.


  1. What LIFE this the tells it all...about you and your day too!!

  2. Does it sound odd to say that this entry moved me. You were meant to go, weren't you?