Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shinsegae Department Store

This high-end shopping establishment is a world in itself.  It is 11 stories (including two basements) of:

  • fashion, covering all ages
  • house wares
  • sporting goods
  • around-the-world food courts
  • a grocery store
  • an art gallery
  • Starbucks (yeah)
  • a spa
  • high-end boutiques (Louis Vuitton, Burberry, etc.)
  • valet parking
  • and more

Check out the elevator listing of floors


The downstairs foyer has beautiful seasonal displays.



My favorite customer service feature at Shinsegae (and they are BIG, BIG, BIG on customer service) is the parking staff that helps direct you into and around their parking lot.  They are dressed up to the nines and make sure your parking experience is very pleasant.


Isn’t she absolutely adorable and unexpectedly dressed-up for standing at the entrance of a parking lot?  She has a microphone and her sole job is to welcome cars into the lot.  I kid you not … they are THAT into top-notch customer service.


Everything at Shinsegae is posh and lovely and beautiful.  I love watching the young people strut their fashion.  New moms (with their mothers) carefully guiding their baby stroller through the throngs of people.  Couples walk hand-in-hand in search of the perfect ‘couples outfits’ (yes, matching outfits … no, I’m not kidding :o)

I get dizzy going up, up, up the escalators … and then get dizzier by all the visual splendor surrounding me.  It is a mite overwhelming … but it is so much fun! 


Today I went to Shinsegae with So Hyeon and another woman named Mok Ryun.  I have tried to shop there before but just got too overwhelmed because of the language barrier. It was SO much more enjoyable for me to shop with these two women.  I learned lots of new Korean words like:

  • Cute
  • Very cute
  • Pretty
  • Pockets
  • ‘Gottcha’
  • ‘Lets go!’
  • Thanks!
  • Too expensive
  • Sorry (for when I bump into people)
  • I Like
  • I Dislike
  • Did I mention VERY CUTE?  This is one of their favorite description words.  Cute, cute, VERY cute!


  1. Who's kid are you, blow me away!!

  2. So when are you and Mark getting your matching "couples" outfits?