Monday, March 2, 2009

Mark's New Job

Mark at Little Fox Language School

At the entry way you remove your shoes and put on slippers, the line represents the "threshold" which you do not cross with shoes on. Period.

The school is bright and colorful!

Vicky: Mark's Boss

Mark in the school's computer lab.

Vicky is exiting one of 5 classrooms.

Inside one of the classrooms.
Little Fox Language School has 160 student ranging from 7 to 16-years-old. Little Fox is a private school, so all of these kids also attend a public school where English is included in their subjects of study. But this extra schooling is necessary if the kids want to master the language and get into a Korean university. Koreans are very hard workers and the children are no exception.
There are 5 Korean teachers that work at Little Fox and Mark is the "English Specialist". Each class is 50 minutes, of which, Mark comes in for 15 minutes. His main role is to facilitate, encourage, example, and correct their English speaking skills.
Mark trained last week with the previous English teacher. Today was his first day of actual teaching. He's still excited about teaching here ... and that's great! :o)


  1. Wow, oh lysol wow!!! I have seen clean and sparkly, but never quite like this. Did you go right out and buy new socks? Betcha did! Your boss looks delightful and the place looks just....just perfect. Can't wait to hear about your everyday, teaching experience. You know what culture shock is, don't ya? It's coming back to America and walking down a hallway with dust....and other stuff....laying around. I love you, my brother.

  2. Well I see you found the computer lab already, so with 35 min inbetween classes you should have plenty of time to, uh, familiarize yourself with it... Well I know yall fit in there great, but I would stick out like a sore thumb. Im getting anxiety just looking at how clean everything is. They probably wouldnt allow me to cross the line even IF my shoes were off! Let alone the country. Great pictures Janea keep um comming.

  3. WOW! What a GREAT adventure you are on! Praying for a time of growth and love :)