Sunday, March 8, 2009

House Jumping: Part 3

Here are a few pictures of our new apartment.  Everything is still begging to be unpacked and organized, but that is for tomorrow. We had to clean our new apartment this morning before we moved in.  This is typical in Korea, the new tenants cleaning up before moving in … not the best idea in my opinion but, oh well. :o)  With such a small apartment we didn’t have too much square footage to scrub, but for such a small space there was plenty of grime.  Speaking of grime, I spent A LOT of time scrubbing our bathroom from head to toe.  The one GREAT advantage of a wet bathroom (I will be documenting our wet bathroom soon) is that I can hose everything down … which this place needed DESPERATELY!

PICT1432 PICT1434PICT1435 PICT1437

PICT1438 PICT1442

PICT1440 PICT1443 PICT1423

PICT1424 PICT1425


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  1. Girl, we should have packed you some rubber boots! I love the pink flower wallpaper ;-)