Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Apartment Building

I realize with all my talk of the tall apartment complexes you picture Mark and I living stories above the street.  I need to clarify … we live in a rather small 3-story building.  

The high-rise apartments are equivalent to the homes that are owned as a permanent residence in the US; a mortgage is taken out, etc.  For the more transitional rental-style living, the apartments are found in small buildings, 3-4 stories high.  Usually there is a shop, restaurant, bar or parking garage on the first level.


There is a bar on the first floor of our building called ‘Feeling’ (Mark and I are CONSTANTLY entertained by the usage of English in Korea). 

There are 4 small apartments on the second level and 2 apartments on the third level.  The owners live on the third, and I haven’t met anyone who lives on our level.  I believe they all work looooong hours (leave early, come home late). 

The entry to the apartments is the far left door in the picture.


All bars advertise in English an assortment of things they serve.  This sign boasts the normal list: coffee, cocktail, beer, & drink.


The entry door close-up.  Notice the blue bucket to the left of the door. That is my compost, which is picked up for free around here every Monday … how cool is that!?


These stairs are directly as you enter the front door.  Notice our “mailbox” (AKA – Window sill) on the left.  Our door is directly at the top of the steps and is propped open for the picture.


This is the right side of the building (as you are facing the front).  We have one window in our apartment and it is the bottom right window in this shot.  It is a rather large window, so don’t feel bad for us, the picture does not do it’s size justice. :o)

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