Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Koreans LOVE take-out.  There are so many restaurants that cater to this cliental.  A lot of the fliers plastered on our door are advertising for take-out.  Plus, most of the scooters seen zipping and weaving through the traffic are filled with crates of food to be delivered.  You know a take-out scooter when you see it, there is always the restaurant’s name and number, with a picture of the type of food they serve.


Right next door to our coffee shop,


there is a take-out restaurant that has a gang of scooters that are always flying in and out. 

In the morning, all of the guys (I have never seen a female deliver food) show up to clean their scooters, shoot the breeze, drink coffee, and smoke cigarettes around this little burn barrel.


As orders come in, the food goes into these crates.


Which goes on the back of the scooters.


And off the guys go, with or without a helmet.  With or without a cigarette hanging out the corner of their mouth.  With or without  a cell phone in hand carrying on a conversation.

BUT - I guarantee the food is always hot.  The way they break ALL the traffic rules, there is no way it can have a chance to cool down!

Even McDonald’s delivers!


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  1. I LOVE it!! Yellow for Micky-dees...